The Ship of Adventure 2015-07-29

What will happen when Mrs Mannering Philip and Dinah's mother and Jack and Lucy-Ann's adoptive mother is determined to take her four children on a holiday where they won't get caught up in any more of the extraordinary adventures that seem to find them wherever they go? A cruise among the Greek islands seems a safe enough idea. Then, during their trip on board the Viking Star, the children find another ship a old model ship in a bottle that turns out to hold the clue to a legendary lost treasure somewhere in these very islands. The children are eager to search for it, but it soon becomes clear they are not the only ones interested in the treasure... What will happen next?Will they succeed or not? READ more to find out..

- Samriddhi

The ship of adventure 2017-09-25

It was an amazing book.I enjoyed a lot reading it.It was an awesome book written by Enid Blyton. Enid Blyton is a great writer.She had written many bestselling books.This is one of them.She has a great imagination.story goes that.... Philip, Jack, Dinah and Lucy-Ann go on a cruise on The Viking Star with Mrs Mannering. Although he is on holiday from work, Bill has not been invited because Mrs Mannering feels that, with him around, the children would be bound to fall into a hair-raising adventure. The ship is to call at Portugal, Madeira, French Morocco, Spain, Italy and the Aegean Islands rather like the cruise Enid Blyton herself went on in 1930. True to form, Philip soon acquires a pet monkey, Micky, rescuing the poor animal from a town in French Morocco where children were throwing stones at it. Philip cannot understand such cruelty, which he acknowledges he has also seen in Britain: "How those children could stone a little thing like this beats me. But I suppose in every country there are cruel and unkind people after all, we've seen boys in our country throwing stones at a cat!"This was really a wonderful book.I would suggest this book to my friends.I loved this book....

- Siya