great book 2015-03-26

This is a very useful book for 6-9 year olds. My son has become fond of this book. The text can be bigger for small kids. His favourite is the abbreviation section. Contains information useful for adults also.

Nice book 2015-03-31

this is a nice book.....................................

An adventurous and interesting book 2015-04-02

Young Percy Jackson finds himself in trouble during a field trip when his teacher reveals herself as a demon and attacks him. The story unfolds when he learns that he is the son of the Sea God.He travels across America to the Underworld to retrieve a weapon which might cause World War III...

James and the Giant Peach 2015-04-05

This story is about a boy who lost his parents and lives with his aunts. His cruel aunts troubled him a lot. One day as he was working an incident took place which changed his life forever. I found this book hilarious and it is worth a read for kids

First Term at Malory Towers 2015-04-05

This book revolves arround Darell Rivers who is in her first term at Malory Towers, a boarding school. Enid Blyton has beautifully written about the ups and downs of her school life and it is worth a read