THE WIZARD OF OZ 2016-02-26

once opon a time.there was a girl name dorothy.she was living in a sabbish grey house.one time a cyclone came in her house.her house flew and gone up up of a bad witch of west and she died.good witch rewarded her the silver shoes of munchkins.the good witch told her to go to the city of emeralds to the good wizard of oz . the oz told her if she will kill the bad witch of west he will help her to go to kankas.will she able to defeat the witch.

- Prathmesh

The Luckdowns 2016-08-07

This story is based on a girl,her pet,a scarecrow,a tin man and a lion.They all lack some things which they want extremely.Thus , they embark on their journey to the Wizard Of Oz who can give them anything.But When they reach his city i.e Emerald City the Wizard asks them to complete a task only then they will be given their necessities.So you must read the book to find out what happens in the story and post a like to my review.

- Rishik