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Wonder (English)

(5 rating)
  • Author: R J Palacio
  • Language(s): English
  • Studio: RHUK
  • Length: 416
  • Publisher: RHUK
  • Published on: 03-Jan-2013
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Arya Menon


Wonder - R.J Palacio

This is the best book in the whole world! It is basically about a boy who's face is deformed and how he deals with his new school in grade 5. The way they have described the boys feelings and how people react to him and his face is really very well done! Once you read it you get hooked on to the book! I highly recommend this book for 10-14 year olds. Arya Menon, Avalon Heights International School

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Kshitij Gupta


Wonder is wonderful

I read this book really long ago, in 5th grade. I thought it would be some boring book about a kid in middle school. Then I started reading it and couldn't stop. The story is very moving as you find out how August progresses though the fifth grade, and fights his bullies in such a non-violent way. They really should make a movie on this book, because I am still dying to know how August's face looks like.

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Reva Pau


Wonder is the best!!

Wonder is an amazing book that tells the story of an boy has to go through some difficult obstacles in his journey in a new school. This book has drama, adventure, love, COMEDY, and action. i have read this book many many times and it has always been equally interesting! A very highly reccomended book for all kids

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oshiya sikchi


mockingjay:the hunger games

Katniss everdeen , the girl on the fire has survived even though her home has been destroyed. she has been rescued from the haunted and cruel quater quell there are rebels, there are new leaders, a revolution-unfolds she has long been part of the revolution without knowing district 13 has come out of shadows. It does exist underground and now it has come out with a plan to overthrow the capitol everyone has a hand in the careful laid plans execpt katniss. There would be no more hunger games played with the lives of children to do this she becomes rebel 'THE MOCKINGJAY' Iliked katniss, who is the heroine who is in love with gale and peeta both, and her sister prim the villian president snow tries to seperate peeta and katniss. Iliked the book because it taught me how to fight for the righteous. I reccomend you to read this book as it has the suspisiousness of harry potter and the deepnes and details of narnia.Reading the book you will come to know whom does katniss marry and what happens to her sister and her house district 12.Itwill even give you a experience of how strong you should be to face the difficulties of life It was written by suzanne collins for chap,charlie and isabella on her dad's mitchael collins commitment to educate children on peace and war.

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samarth Ramesh



the book wonder is a beautiful and touching story.the book revolves around a young ,deformed but sweet boy named August Pullman.he was homeschooled by his mother.the book has been written in first person,including the views of all the protagonists.the way it is written is very lovely and touching.how does the book end?What happens to August?To no the end you must read the book.

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