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Stealing Time

Stealing Time (English)

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  • Author: Glenna Sloan
  • Language(s): English
  • Studio: Royal Fireworks Pr
  • Length: 126
  • Publisher: Royal Fireworks Pr
  • Published on: 01-Oct-1998
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A Kansas State Reading Circle Selection 19992000

Through clearly drawn characters and a plot on target for todays teen society, Stealing Time tells the story of 17-year-old Ross dealing with the pressures of peer power, maniplation, and a dangerous test of his courage and character. He is new in town and the high school and trying to cope with the death of his father. He cannot yet refocus on academics, but he does know that life continues to flow around him. He is not ready to become a part of it again. He is intelligent, introspective, and attractive in a jock sort of way. His chance meeting with Claire brings him into sinister Ted Bartles orbit and marks Ross as Bartles next pawn to achieve a point...the fair Claire.

Ted Bartle is wealthy, smooth and mean-spirited. To be a member of his group is to be controlled, involved in seemy happenings, theft and worse. He plots and ensnares Ross.

Claire is level-headed and knows much about Bartle. She feels the rest; including his responsibility for her brothers death. Having gone through a similar depression as Ross, she understands his feelings and reaches out to him. Her support enables Ross to begin to relate again; first to her, later in an attempt at friendship with a fellow male student, who ultimately saves his life.

Teens will be captured and held by realistic characterization, Ross inner turmoil, and a fast-paced action-line. Important underpinnings of friendship are clear: caring, communicating, valuing and supportive action.

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