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Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes

Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes (English)

(5 rating)
1 REVIEWS Buy Percy Jackson and the Greek HeroesBUY THIS BOOK
  • Author: Rick Riordan
  • Language(s): English
  • Studio: Penguin
  • Length: 400
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Published on: 25-Aug-2015
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'Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes’ is a continuation of the Percy Jackson saga by world renowned Young-Adult novel writer Rick Riordan. More of a spin-off from the original series, 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes’ recounts the heroic tales of several known and unknown Greek heroes, narrated by the beloved character Percy Jackson. Fans of the series and fans of the Greek and Roman mythology will rejoice reading this book as it tells the mystic and mind-wrenching adventures of Greek heroes like Hercules, Achilles, Odysseus, etc. The narrative is interesting and the book is fast paced enough to keep the readers interested and on the edge of their seats throughout the course of the novel. 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes’ follows Riordan’s earlier book 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods’. The book tells the stories of twelve Greek heroes from the past, highlighting their journey, their adventure and their ultimate glory. The novel follows Riordan’s signature witty and immaculate narrative technique that has in the past been so successful. The novel is funny, witty, fast-paced and has shades of Riordan’s brilliance. Percy Jackson, through his trademark style, makes the Greek heroes come alive and makes their journey and adventure amusing for readers of all ages.

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About the Author

Rick Riordan is a world renowned young adult writer who has achieved worldwide fame and success through his young-adult series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus. All of his books have featured on several bestsellers lists and he has continued his success story of the Percy Jackson saga with 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes.’ The first two novels in the Percy Jackson series, 'Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief’ and 'Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters’ have been adapted into Hollywood feature films and have achieved commercial success.

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Vybhavi naveen


Percy Jackson and the Greek heroes

It is a fantastic and adventurous book.This was my first book of Percy Jackson and from that day I decided that I will read all the parts.Its all about Greek heroes and their life that time.The author Rich Riordan didn't make the reader bore. I felt as if Percy was telling me a story.I would recommend this book to the children who love GK and adventures.

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