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Glass Sword

Glass Sword (English)

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  • Author: Victoria Aveyard
  • Language(s): English
  • Studio: Orion
  • Length: 320
  • Publisher: Orion
  • Published on: 01-Apr-2016
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A Book of Red and Silver

’Glass Sword’ written by Victoria Aveyard is the second book of the 'Red Queen’ series. The main character of these enthralling series is Mare Barrow. She always knew that something about her was different. The colour of her blood was red but it was her silver powers, the ability to control lightning that made her so special and different. Unfortunately, it also made her the target of the Royal Court which tries to control her and use her as a weapon. Escaping from the clutches of the Court, she goes on to find that she’s not alone and decides to make the Red and Silver fighters take a stand with her against her oppressor.

Everything in one

The action of this novel is fast, fierce and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is one of the best thrillers of recent times. It makes the reader want to carry on with the novel. There is suspense, action, complicated turns and twists from where there is no return. The book has elements of magical fantasy, complexity of sci-fi and the thrill of adventure. It is a must have for all adrenaline addicts.

About the Author

Victoria Aveyard, born in America, is a graduate of the Screenwriting Program of University of Southern California. She was awarded the Goodreads Choice award for best debut novel in 2015 for Red Devil. She has started her career as a Young Adult and Fantasy author and has already garnered worldwide fame for 'Red Queen’, all at the small age of 25. She has also written screenplay for Sony Pictures on their movie 'Eternal’. She has plans to release more books in the series.

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