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Building Blocks (Point)

Building Blocks (Point) (English)

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  • Author: Cynthia Voigt
  • Language(s): English
  • Studio: Aladdin
  • Length: 176
  • Publisher: Aladdin
  • Published on: 01-Aug-2002
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What would it be like to be older than your father? Brann Connell is sick of hearing his parents argue all the time. Seems to Brann his dad could stand up for himself more, instead of building a wall of excuses to hide behind. But some things never change -- after all, his dad has "always" been this way. Or has he? Brann never imagined that he would actually get the chance to find out. But suddenly he is hurled back in time to spend the day with his father as a young boy. In this single mystifying day of adventure, Brann discovers that there is more to his dad -- and fate -- than he thought.

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