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Betting on Forever (Learning Triangle Press)

Betting on Forever (Learning Triangle Press) (English)

Buy Betting on Forever (Learning Triangle Press)BUY THIS BOOK
  • Author: Billy Aronson
  • Language(s): English
  • Studio: TAB Books Inc
  • Length: 160
  • Publisher: TAB Books Inc
  • Published on: 01-Oct-1996
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The place is earth, the time is now. A colourful cast of extinct creatures return to earth for a ten-thousand year reunion. The planet looks pretty good, no comets crashing to earth, Ice Ages or erupting volcanoes until a bet is made with Sabretoothed Tiger that by the end of the reunion they will all agree that their living relatives are in danger and that life on Earth is in more trouble than ever before. Lining up both sides of the argument, each confident that they will win the bet, the spirits embark on a captivating and often hilarious journey to their old haunts to spy on present day animals of the air, sea and land. This work of fiction offers a message of hope, as well as solid lessons on evolution, ecology, endangerment, extinction and the importance of keystone species, employing a facts-in-fiction approach to make readers of all ages aware of the delicate interdepency of living things.

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