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A Surprise Twist (Silver Blades)

A Surprise Twist (Silver Blades) (English)

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  • Author: Melissa Lowell
  • Language(s): English
  • Studio: Skylark
  • Length: 8
  • Publisher: Skylark
  • Published on: 01-Aug-1995
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Nikki, Danielle, Tori, Jill, and Haley are five talented skaters who share one special dream -- competing in the Olympics someday. And they're going to try to make it all happen in Silver Blades, the best skating club around!

A Surprise Twist

Danielle's on top of the world! All her hard work at the rink has paid off. She's good. Very good. And Dani's new English teacher, Ms. Howard, says Dani has a real flair for writing -- she might even be the best writer in her class.

Trouble is, there's a big skating competition coming up -- and a writing contest. Dani's stumped. Her friends and family are counting on her to skate her best. But Ms. Howard is counting on her to write a winning story. How can Dani choose between her skating and her new passion?

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