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A valid e-mail id for each student is MUST for the registration

1. Once you click enter on SIGNUP, you would get a message please check your e-mail, the mail might reach as a spam mail( pl click NOT SPAM at the top so that you would get all the e-mails in Inbox).

2. Check the e-mail , verify the link, this would take the student to the website.

3. Each student will have his/her page with the details like points earned, membership status,book reviews written and books he/she wants to read.

4. As the student writes a review, points are added to his account.

5. After writing 1 review a student becomes a blue member of Atharv's Book Club gets a nice certificate on his/her page ( which can be downloaded and printed)

with 5 reviews - Silver member
with 10 reviews - Gold member

First 100 Gold members would receive a gift of 5 e-books in their e-mail.

With 20 reviews - Platinum member
With 50 reviews - Emerald member
Few Emerald members would be invited to become a part of the editorial committee.
With each up-gradation of member status the student gets a certificate on his/her page.