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"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. - Haruki Murakami"

Ahoy mates!

A book is like a piece of a treasure just waiting to be discovered. It is a piece of a puzzle waiting to be put together. Embark on your treasure hunt and help others on theirs by finding, reading and reviewing books of all kinds right from adventure and dystopian novels to books on science and technology, for the world of books is one that is yet to be uncovered.

Each book that you read is a piece of your treasure hunt map that you receive once you have reviewed the book. After finding a certain number of these pieces, you shall be lead to massive loot. This treasure hunt will help you travel all over the world through the pages of a book. You will also be able to view the reviews done by your fellow pirates and get to see their view on the books that they have read.

So raise your sails, mates and set forth in your ship to travel around the world and put together the pieces of the treasure map. Good luck for your quest.


Me lads and lassies,

As you embark on this quest, you shall receive 10 pieces of silver to help you in your journey. You shall also receive help in the form of newsletter and other communication which will be related to gain additional loot.

To receive a piece of the map, each pirate must write about the things they liked the most in each book and share their thoughts and feelings on any book. It could be about a certain character or some quotes and thoughts as long as it's between 50-200 words.

If a pirate is one of the first 5 to review a certain book, that pirate receives an additional 10 pieces of silver. If he is among the first 10 to review a book then he shall receive 6 pieces of silver and if he is reviewer number 11 and more, he shall receive 3 pieces of silver to help him along on his quest.

If a pirate's review gets a like from pirates from other ships, that pirate gets an additional 5 pieces of silver. Remember all the reviews a pirate writes unlocks another piece of the treasure map. Beware: The pirate must not give a like to any student from the same ship or else he will be called a Scallywag.

After unlocking your first piece of the treasure hunt by writing a review, the pirate climbs aboard the famous Captain Atharv's ship (www.ihavereadthebook.com) and becomes the Atharv's Book Club Member and receives a part of the loot by e-mail. Once the pirate is an ABC member, she/he can view the pieces that other pirates have unlocked on this website. The pirate will also be able to download education related apps and read free e-books to help him/her unlock more pieces.

Every pirate is eligible to participate in the story writing competition that will be held every quarter. The best 25 stories will be published in the form of an e-book and will be sent to all the pirates by e-mail. This helps the pirate to be recognized and can lead to more loot. Each participating pirate receives a participation certificate as well.

The various types of ABC membership are-

1. Blue: As soon as you have unlocked your first piece of the map you are an ABC Blue Member
2. Silver: On unlocking 5 pieces, you become an ABC Silver Member
3. Gold: On unlocking 10 pieces of the map, you are an ABC Gold Member
4. Platinum: On unlocking 20 pieces, you achieve the status of an ABC Platinum Member
5. Emerald: On unlocking 50 pieces with at least 10 unique reviews and at least 5 likes you become an ABC Emerald Member.

Emerald members can be part of the editorial advisory committee.

Books can be compared to a chest full of treasure that pirates spend their whole lives searching for. Books are timeless, have no boundaries and are completely new experiences. The characters in books are like a child's friends that he can laugh and cry with, friends who can help him travel the world and friends who inculcate values in him and help him understand right from wrong. It is because of this that we have come up with this initiative to encourage students to read and write.

Schools play an integral part in this process by encouraging their students to read and write about their experiences after reading the book.

The schools get all the points earned by their students during the month. Top 20 schools will be listed in the newsletter based on their monthly and cumulative points.

The Forum expects you to maintain the quality of reviews. If you notice any review which has been plagiarized or has used offensive language or is not up to the standard you can raise a flag by providing the following information -

1. Name of the book
2. Reviewed By
3. Details

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